The UNIQLO Management Candidate (UMC) programme offers a complete retail immersion experience that empowers candidates with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to become a store manager and business leader. Through the programme, candidates will develop the necessary skillsets and confidence to manage sales floors, lead teams, and refine their leadership abilities. With a 360° approach, the UMC programme ensures that candidates are fully equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to excel as retail leaders. With a focus on teamwork and collaboration, you'll be well-prepared to manage a store and lead your team to success.

Become a Business Leader

A store manager of high caliber is essential to UNIQLO expansion. They lead the way in driving business growth, managing and developing their team, building relationships with the headquarters and providing valuable insights on local trends and customers’ demands, merchandising opportunities and/or company activities.

Development as UMC

The sales floor presents a challenging yet rewarding training ground, where one can cultivate the skills and knowledge vital for success in the retail industry. UNIQLO’s in-house training department - the Fast Retailing Management and Innovation Centre - offers regular classroom training and on-the-job training to support the growth and development of individuals. Completing this programme can open doors to more extensive management roles, both locally and globally. With commitment and dedication, one can attain boundless success and fashion a career that aligns with one's passions and abilities.

Roadmap to Becoming a Business Leader

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Roadmap to Becoming a Business Leader


  1. STEP 1Online Application
  2. STEP 2Resume Screening
  3. STEP 3Online Aptitude Test
  4. STEP 4First Interview
  5. STEP 52-Day Store Internship (Duration may be changed)
  6. STEP 6Final Interview
  7. Offer of Employment


At UNIQLO, we are looking for ambitious individuals with a clear sense of purpose and have aspirations to become true business leaders.

Four core abilities that we develop in our UMC are:

Ability to change
Ability to earn a profit
Ability to build a team
Ability to pursue an ideal
Sense of Mission

To apply for a position, please simply submit your resume and application online. Our team will be in touch with you.

UNIQLO accepts applications for new graduate positions twice a year. Recent graduates within two years of graduation are welcome to apply. Recruitment events also happen at various institutions throughout the year, so check with your career center for event dates.


UNIQLO accepts applications for our new graduate positions year-round. To apply for a position, please simply submit your resume and application online. Our team will be in touch with you.

We also hold recruitment events at various local institutions throughout the year. Please check with your institution’s career center to see when we’ll be on campus.




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