Dream of your future UNIQLO Scholarship Program

感謝香港 共築未來 UNIQLO獎學金計畫

Thank you, Hong Kong !
UNIQLO to provide scholarship for 10 students

In order to express our sincere gratitude to the people of Hong Kong on our 10th Anniversary in 2015, UNIQLO Hong Kong launched a 5-year scholarship program designed to encourage young people to take a leading role in society. The 2nd UNIQLO Scholarship completed in July 2017, 10 awardees visited UNIQLO Headquarter in Tokyo Japan. They had direct communication with Mr. YANAI, CEO of Fast Retailing Group and Mr. PAN, CEO of UNIQLO, Greater China. We are pleased to announce the application for the 3rd UNIQLO Scholarship Program.

Program Objectives

The scholarship program provides not only financial support to students, but also an opportunity for them to better understand the business operations, corporate structure, personnel and strategic development of an international company. We hope this will enable students to relate their personal growth to the overall enterprise development.


  • Hong Kong permanent identity card holders
  • Full-time Year 3 or Year 4 student; studying 1st bachelor’s program at one of the universities in Hong Kong cumulative
  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Have an international vision, and aspire to become global business professionals
  • Be Responsible, self-motivated, and able to represent Hong Kong university students
  • Enthusiastic in participation of extra-curricular and group activities
  • Positive mind and have the courage to face different challenges
  • Able to demonstrate strong leadership skills and teamwork ability
  • Eager to obtain international business networking opportunities

Program Content

  • 10 awards every year
  • Successful applicants will be given a scholarship amount of HKD $20,000
  • Successful applicants are invited to participate in our 5-day trip in Japan during end of June to middle of July. This will offer the opportunity to have direct communication with the Top Management.

Application Method

Stage 1

Applicant needs to complete an application form (click here to download) along with your latest academic transcript and resume, send to scholarship@uniqlo.com.hk with subject “Application for UNIQLO HK Scholarship_Full Name”, before deadline.
Application deadline: 14 January 2018

Stage 2

Successful applicants from Stage 1 will be invited to complete Stage 2 in early of February, which is required to submit an essay or a video. Detailed information will be shared by e-mail.
Application deadline: 4 March 2018

Program Schedule

[Stage 1]
Submission of Application Form : 4 December 2017 – 14 January 2018
Result announcement : 5 February 2018
[Stage 2]
Submission of Essay/Video : 5 February 2018 – 4 March 2018
Result announcement : 19 March 2018
[Stage 3]
Group Interview : Late of March 2018
[Stage 4]
Final Interview : Mid of April 2018
Final result announcement : Early May 2018
Trip to Tokyo (5 days 4 nights) : End of June / Early July

Sharing from Scholarship winners

10 awardees visited UNIQLO Headquarter in Tokyo Japan in July 2017. Having direct communication with Mr. YANAI, CEO of Fast Retailing Group and Mr. PAN, CEO of UNIQLO, Greater China, we are pleased to have Kelly, Venus, Pinky and Izzac sharing their fruitful experience during the trip.

BSSc (Hons) in Psychology, Lingnan University

One of the most memorable moments is the interaction with Mr. Ken Machado, who represents UNIQLO Sustainability Department. He shared various examples on how UNIQLO sustains our world such as the Code of Conduct, humane approach in the collection of down, environmental friendly LED lightings in stores as well as community work. Being attracted by its determination of changing the world, I would like to join the company after graduation, in order to help delivering happiness to people through business.

Being one of the UNIQLO Manager Candidate (UMC) starting from June 2017, I will demonstrate what I have learnt to create a sustainable environment and make the world a better place.

BA (Hons) in Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The scholarship program offered awardees not only financial incentive but also provided us a valuable opportunity to meet a lot of the Fast Retailing’s outstanding global leaders, especially Mr. YANAI who is the real time successful model of his dream.

The trip to Tokyo also broadened my horizons and surprised me that Fast Retailing is such an enormous International enterprise with a sophisticated structure. People working in this big family have their own dreams and keep growing with the corporation towards the same direction regardless of their nationalities.

Finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude to UNIQLO, which provoked me to think of my own dream about the future and furnished me with a treasurable opportunity to meet the global talents.

BA (Hons) Fashion & Textiles (Fashion & Textile design), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to UNIQLO for providing me the valuable experience to meet senior management and the global CEO, Mr. YANAI in the headquarter of Fast Retailing.

Eager to become a fashion designer, it is a treasurable opportunity to understand more about the apparel industry and the fast fashion business during the trip to Tokyo. Fashion moves fast, and so it is also important for us to have the global vision and be long-sighted, to see what others have not seen yet. Having direct communication with Mr.YANAI is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and his words are inspiring.

Undoubtedly, spending time with everyone is delightful and grateful. The communication with Mr. YANAI and the encouragement from him was remarkable and impressive. With all the insights gained, it was a great learning experience and a fruitful trip with all the parties. Hoping the awardees in the coming year will also gain a treasurable experience from the Tokyo journey.

BBA (Hons) in in Hotel and Tourism Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Being a business student, I am always interested in understanding the success of renowned multinational companies. During the 5-day Tokyo trip, I gained in-depth understanding of UNIQLO through direct communication with Mr. YANAI, Mr. PAN and the Senior Management. I truly appreciated the product innovations, corporate philosophy and social responsibilities of UNIQLO. Another impressive experience was Mr. YANAI’s farsighted visions and inspiring insights during the meeting with us. Definitely I will apply what I have learnt to the implementation of my FinTech dream.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1.UNIQLO HK 10th Anniversary Scholarship (the “Scholarship”) is funded by UNIQLO Hong Kong, Limited (“UNIQLO”).
  • 2.Applicants must meet the academic requirement, maintain full-time enrolment and meet the eligibility requirements during the entire period of the Scholarship.
  • 3.Providing false or misleading information is an offence. If UNIQLO knows or has reason to believe that an applicant has provided false or misleading information, UNIQLO may reassess his/her entitlement. If UNIQLO terminates Scholarship on the aforesaid grounds, the applicant will be liable to repay in full to UNIQLO any payment made to him/her.
  • 4.An applicant who withdraws, cancels or enrolls not as full-time, is suspended, or dismissed from the University will lose his/her eligibility.
  • 5.The Scholarship in the amount of HK$20,000 per applicant is for tuition only.
  • 6.Copyright infringement and plagiarism are absolutely forbidden. Applicants are expected to complete the whole application process on their own.
  • 7.Applicants awarded the Scholarship must commit to participating in the 5-day trip to Japan and other related activities (if any).
  • 8.Applicants awarded the Scholarship must provide UNIQLO with the latest academic transcript immediately after each semester throughout the entire period of the Scholarship.
  • 9.An applicant who declines an initial offer of admission will not retain his/her scholarship offer if he/she reapplies at a later date.
  • 10.UNIQLO reserves the right to amend details and contents of the Scholarship. In case of any dispute, UNIQLO reserves the right of final decision.
  • 11.All information collected will be treated in strict confidence and used for consideration of the Scholarship application only. For details of our privacy policy, please visit http://www.uniqlo.com/hk/corp/privacypolicy.html




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