UNIQLO Manager Candidate (UMC)

Our UNIQLO Manager Candidate Program (UMC) will prepare you to take on many roles as an innovator, a talent developer, a problem solver, and above all, a business leader.

As part of this program, you will join a group of passionate peers and undertake an intensive one year training program designed to build the skills and experiences necessary to run a business generating millions in sales.

Upon completing the program, many candidates move progressively towards larger store management roles, either in their own countries or worldwide. Wherever your interests are, the UMC experience will set the stage for unrivaled opportunities. Your personal growth, responsibility, and achievement are limited only by your effort and abilities.

Become a Business Leader

  • Drive sales and profitability
  • Build and manage a team
  • Lead through innovation and change
  • Set and pursue an ideal

Develop a Global Perspective

Thrive in an international work environment. Immerse yourself in new and exciting cultural experiences.

Join a Rapidly Growing Global Company

Help drive our global sales of $65 billion by 2020 and become the world’s #1 specialty apparel retailer.

Change the World

Promote our corporate mission to influence and improve society through our unique clothing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


  1. STEP 1Submission of Application
  2. STEP 2Pre-screening
  3. STEP 3Briefing Session & First Interview
  4. STEP 4Store Practice
  5. STEP 5Second Interview
  6. STEP 6Final Interview
  7. Offer of Employment


Things move quickly at FAST RETAILING. That means we try to hire great people, regardless of the job. Jobs can change, but having great people is always a priority. We look for people who match our company values and who, above all, aspire to be true business leaders.

We’re looking for people who are good for FAST RETAILING - not just for right now, but for the long term.

This is the core of how we hire. Our process is pretty basic; the path to getting hired usually involves a written application and a series of interviews with our leadership team. But there are a few things we’ve added along the way that make getting hired at FAST RETAILING a little different.

  • We’ll want to know about your ability to be a business leader – more specifically four abilities: Your Ability to Lead A Team, Earn Profit, Change, and Pursue an Ideal.
  • We’re looking for people who have a variety of strengths and passions, not just isolated skill sets. We also want to make sure that you have the experience and the background that will set you up for success in your role. At FAST RETAILING, we do things differently from other retailers and we’ll want to know how you will fit at FAST RETAILING.
  • We look for people with ambition and a clear sense of mission. We’ll want to know what you want to do here and how you’ll go about doing it.
  • We want to get a feel for what makes you who you are. We also want to make sure this is a place you’ll thrive, so we’ll be looking for signs around your comfort with ambiguity, your bias to detailed action, and your collaborative nature.
  • Interviews will likely be short and to the point – often only 30 minutes! We won’t spend a lot of time with small-talk – we’ll jump right in.

We believe that if we hire great people and involve them intensively in the hiring process, we’ll make better hiring decisions. We also believe that senior management should spend significant time with potential hires. While involving leadership in our process does take longer, we believe it’s worth it. Our FR leadership team identified these core principles many years ago, and it’s what allows us to hold true to who we are as we grow.


Thank you for being interested in UNIQLO Manager Candidate Program, UMC is now recruiting!

Please click here to apply. Someone from our team will be in touch with you.

We will hold events at local schools throughout the year at various locations. Please check with your institution's career center to see when we'll be on campus.




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