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UNIQLO Manager Candidate (UMC)

Our UNIQLO Manager Candidate Program (UMC) will prepare you to take on many roles as an innovator, a talent developer, a problem solver, and above all, a business leader. As part of this program, you will join a group of passionate peers and participate in a 6-12month training program learning the UNIQLO business from the bottom up. Our program will allow you to build the skills and experience necessary to become an effective Store Manager.

Become a Business Leader

Our innovative training guides you in learning the core skills for success, such as:

  • Monitor and develop work schedules
  • Assess effective visual merchandise layouts and comply with merchandising requirements
  • Manage inventory levels and propose solutions that best benefit the company
  • Supervise, motivate and develop a team to ensure retention
  • Successfully deliver UNIQLO’s fundamental principles of customer service

Develop a Global Perspective

Thrive in an international work environment. Immerse yourself in a new and exciting cultural experiences.

Join a Rapidly Growing Global Company

Help drive our global sales of $65 billion by 2020 and become the world’s #1 specialty apparel retailer.

Change the World

Promote our corporate mission to influence and improve society through our unique clothing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


  1. STEP 1Submission of application
  2. STEP 2Pre-screening
  3. STEP 3Company Information Session/Group Interview
  4. STEP 4First interview (Individual)
  5. STEP 5Final interview (Individual)
  6. Offer of Employment


Things move quickly at UNIQLO. We are looking to hire great people, regardless of the job – having great people is always a priority. We are looking for people who match our company values and who above all, aspire to be true business managers. We’re looking for people who are good for UNIQLO - not just for right now, but for the long term.

The 5 abilities that our candidates will possess are:

  • A global mindset
  • The ability to lead through innovation and change
  • The ability to drive sales and profitability
  • The ability to set and pursue an ideal
  • The ability to build and manage a team

At UNIQLO, we do things differently from other retailers and we’ll want to know how you will fit in with the UNIQLO philosophy. We are looking for people with ambition and a clear sense of mission, we’ll want to know what you want to do here and how you’ll go about doing it.


Sooji Hwang, Parramatta, Management Team

I have graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from University of New South Wales in 2012. I have always had an interest in management and the Japanese culture so the UMC program was a perfect opportunity for me. I joined this company in March 2013 and have had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the planning and implementation stage of opening the new Melbourne and Sydney UNIQLO stores.

My most rewarding experience

The most rewarding part of the UMC program is seeing how much difference I can make in the business. It is great to see how my ideas are being implemented on a day-to-day business. I have had customers come back to the store with smiles on their faces and it is wonderful to see how my team is revolutionizing Customer Service in UNIQLO Australia Careers. Seeing my staff members grow within the business is also a huge motivator for me.

My best advice for you

Show respect and hospitality to others. Stay positive and motivated and take ownership and responsibility for your work!




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