July 2023
Tokyo, Japan

Grasp Opportunities to be Global Leaders

Join the Global Management Program (GMP)
in July 2023 on-site in Tokyo.
Interact with multiple business experts
and University students from around the world.

Fast Retailing, the group parent of the global UNIQLO clothing brand, is offering a unique opportunity for motivated, high-achieving undergraduates from all corners of the globe to come together. Join us to devise exciting possibilities for a dynamic, innovation-driven company that is focused on nurturing strong managers, celebrating diversity, and pursuing a responsible, sustainable business.

Grasp Opportunities to be Global Leaders


About GMP

The GMP is a 5-day intensive business study program in which you are provided with a unique opportunity in having business sessions with industry specialists in order to know more about the fashion-retailing industry and Fast Retailing’s business.

During the 5 Days, you will have chances to improve leadership and project management skills through discussing with industry specialists and collaborating with international students to tackle and propose solutions toward global business issues.

Who We’re looking for

  • Undergraduates from all around the world
  • Aspire to be global business leaders
  • Possess leadership and teamwork skills
  • Willing to work in a multicultural environment
  • Fluent in English
  • Number of participants: around 40-50

What’s in it for You

  • Gain deeper insights into the retailing industry
  • Improve leadership & teamwork skills in multicultural settings
  • Develop project management skills through actual projects
  • Interact with group executives and experts in the industry
  • Acquire mentorship from local senior managers during GMP
  • Opportunities to engage in Fast Retailing’s future recruitment
GMP conducted in Tokyo, 2019
July 24th - 28th, 2023
Ariake Office, Tokyo
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Selection Process

The selection process may vary
from country to country

Assessment Test

Participants Feedback from 2022

Loved the team collaboration and freedom to express opinions within teams without time limits.
The discussions within teams were interactive and everyone was both fully engaged and involved.

I liked the collaborative nature of working with students from across the world, while learning about UNIQLO. All of the speakers were very informative, and presentations were engaging.

Each lecture and Q&A session helped me to understand better how a real business works and how important it is to consider not just the profitability of an idea but also factors such as ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability. Moreover, seeing how each of the lecturers really believes and is loyal to these ideas, I realized how important it is to choose a company for your future career with which you would share the same values and worldview.