デジタルマーケティング(集客・CRM)担当/ Digital Marketer (Performance marketing and CRM)

勤務地 有明本部:東京都江東区有明1丁目6-7 UNIQLO CITY
Ariake Office: UNIQLO CITY, 1-6-7 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan.
更新日 2024/04/17

職務内容 Job Description

※English follows Japanese

ファーストリテイリンググループ(以下FRグループ)は、小売業という枠組みを超えて、"情報製造小売業"(Digital Consumer Retail Company)へと業態を変革し、世界一のアパレルグループになることを目指しています。特に、グローバル化とデジタル化をFRグループの最重要課題と位置付け、グループ内およびグローバルでのデジタルマーケティングのレベル向上とデジタルマーケティングの基盤・プラットフォームの構築に取り組んでいます。 FRのすべてのデジタルチャネル(オウンド、アーンド、ペイド)を重視し、顧客のフィードバックとデータに基づいた「顧客中心のマーケティング」の実践と改革をグローバルに推進していただける方を求めています。

グローバルデジタルマーケティング部は、お客様一人ひとりに最適な情報をお届けすることで、顧客満足度を向上させ、新たな購買体験を提供する「情報製造小売業」への変革をグローバルに推進しています。 当部門は、グローバル事業開発、SNSマーケティング、顧客獲得およびCRMの3つのチームで構成されています。本ポジションは顧客獲得およびCRM領域へのアサインを想定しております。




・グローバル事業企画・事業開発の部長やリーダー、デジタルマーケティング領域のマネージャーに加え、海外拠点の事業企画・事業開発、デジタルマーケティングの統括、デジタルマーケティング領域の責任者など幅広い活躍が可能です。 次世代のメディアやサービスなどの事業展開に挑戦します。

In order to continue and lead the ever-changing digital and retail market, we are transforming our business without being bound by conventional thinking. In particular, globalization and digitalization are positioned as the most important issues for Fast Retailing Group, and we are working to enhance the level of digital marketing in the Group and globally, as well as to build a foundation and platform for digital marketing. We are looking for a candidate who can work with us to improve & promote our practice of customer-centered marketing globally, using insights and data to drive their work across FR's digital channels; owned, earned and paid.

■Team Structure
The Global Digital Marketing Department is working globally to transform the company into an "information manufacturing retailer" that enhances customer satisfaction and provides a new shopping experience by delivering information that is optimized for each and every customer. The department consists of teams in four areas: Global Business Development, Social mediaMarketing, Customer acquisition, and CRM.

■Role and Responsibilities

This position will be assigned based on your experience and aspirations through a series of conversations during the selection process. Your responsibilities may then include:

Customer Acquisition
・Create Go-to-market strategy to enhance digital marketing practices in regional or global scale; to be a project or product owner for initiated or assigned projects
・Formulation of performance marketing (APP, SEM, SEO, display, social advertising, affiliate, etc.) operation policies and operational support to maximize efficiency and performance

CRM Accelaration
・From global headquarters, you will lead CRM strategies from planning to supporting implementation to improve LTV for our customers worldwide.
・Design communications to improve customer experience by utilizing customer databases. Practice segmented delivery, triggered delivery, scenario delivery, etc.
・You will also collaborate with the data analysis team and engineering team to develop new measures that lead to higher performance.

Regional Marketing Management
・As the global headquarters of Fast Retailing Group, which operates in 26 countries and regions, this position will provide a bird's eye view of online and offline customer contact points and lead the resolution of business issues and growth in each country. This position will lead the Fast Retailing Group's global marketing and CRM strategy planning from a management perspective, utilizing data to enhance marketing, and expand sales and services globally by increasing LTV.
・Develop customized go-to-market strategy for all marketing channels (on/offline) that aligns with needs from respective market; to be country PIC from GHQ to support all agenda raised from respective country

*The duties may be changed within the scope of work related to the headquarters department as a result of departmental transfers and organizational changes

■Career Paths
In addition to becoming a general manager or a leader in global business planning and business development or a manager in the digital marketing area, there are a wide range of possibilities, including business planning and business development for overseas branch offices, overseeing digital marketing, and taking on the challenge of developing next-generation media, services, and other business areas.

応募資格 Qualifications


・ 社内外のビジネス問題の解決とプロジェクトにおいてリーダーシップを発揮されたご経験
・データ分析に基づくウェブサイトや広告の改善の提案、実行、分析を含む、デジタル マーケティング戦略の開発、計画、実行のご経験

・Adobe CampaignやSalesforceなどMAツールの使用/導入経験
・コンサルティング、デジタル IT 関連の仕事または企業におけるセールスおよびプロジェクト管理のご経験

■Required Experience, Skills and Abilities
Require candidates who are comfortable using Business level English, both spoken and written, on a daily basis (TOEIC score is needed more than 700), who are looking to work in a global and diverse environment, and who have one or more of the following skills and experiences.

・Professional experience in solving internal and external business issues and project leadership
・Professional experience in driving digital marketing at an ad agency or business side
・Experience in developing, planning and executing digital marketing strategies, including web site and digital ad improvements based on data analysis
・Experience in planning and implementing of CRM marketing

■Preferred Experience, Skills and Abilities
・Experience in planning and growing EC site operation for FMCG (especially apparel products)
・Experience in using/implementing MA tools such as Adobe Campaign and Salesforce
・Experience in both online and offline marketing to expand the market share
・Experience in business with overseas offices, foreign companies, and global business partners
・Project management experience in consulting and digital IT related works or companies
・Conversational level of Japanese preferred, but not required

待遇 Work Condition



・年収レンジ:672-1,170万円 (月給:42万円-65万円)


週休2日(土日、祝日) 年次有給休暇、特別・慶弔休暇、育児・介護休業制度など



・受動喫煙対策 :施設の敷地内又は屋内を原則禁煙とし、喫煙専用室等は設けていません


■Employment Type
Regular Employees, The term is not fixed (Probation for three months)

■Annual Income
JPY 6.72 million – 11.70 million (Monthly Basic Salary: JPY 420,000 - 650,000)
・Allowance: Commuting allowance, Overtime allowance depending on the job grade
・Bonus: Biannual Bonus (April and October), Profit Sharing Bonus (to be determined whether to be paid and amounts based on the company's results and the individual performance evaluations)
・Biannual promotion (to be determined in accordance with performance evaluations)
*To be determined based on the previous year's income and experience

■Working Time
Flextime System or Discretionary Labor System for Professional Work
・Flextime System
Standard Working Hours…8 hours, Break…1 hour
Core Time…9:00-14:00
Flexible Time…6:00-9:00 and 14:00-20:00
・Discretionary Labor System for Professional Work
Depends on the decision of each employee (based on the working hours of the department)

■Holiday and Paid Leave
2 days per week (Saturdays and Sundays are holidays, but national holidays are working days), Special leave**, Paid leave, Congratulation and Condolence leave
**8 days of Special leave are given every 6 months in addition to paid leave.

Social Insurance (Healthcare Insurance, Employee Pension, Employment Insurance, Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance, and Nursing Care Insurance)

Employee Shareholder Association, Mutual Aid Association, 401K, Affiliated Welfare Program, Employee Discount, Cafeteria, Private Shuttle Bus (for commuting to Ariake Office)

・We are proactively recruiting talents in each company such as FAST RETAILING, UNIQLO, GU and so on.
We would appreciate it if you would check the following and consider applying for our position.
- You are able to apply to multiple companies within FAST RETAILING Group at the same time. Please note that only one position at a time can be selected for the final round, even if the selection process proceeds at multiple companies.
- We might contact you to discuss other positions within FAST RETAILING Group based on your resume and evaluation at the interviews.
・Second-hand smoking measures
In principle, smoking is not permitted on the premises or indoors, and there are no smoking rooms.

勤務地 Location

有明本部:東京都江東区有明1丁目6-7 UNIQLO CITY
Ariake Office: UNIQLO CITY, 1-6-7 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan.