セキュリティインフラエンジニア / Security Infrastructure Engineer

勤務地 有明本部:東京都江東区有明1丁目6-7 UNIQLO CITY
Ariake Office: UNIQLO CITY, 1-6-7 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan.
更新日 2024/02/12

職務内容 Job Description

*English follows Japanese
ファーストリテイリンググループは、従来の小売業という枠組みを超えた"情報製造小売業(Digital Consumer Retail Company)”へと業態を変革し、”LifeWear”を世界中のお客様に提供することで、あらゆる人の生活をより豊かにすることを目指しています。その実現に向けて、我々デジタル業務改革サービス部は、最新のテクノロジーを活用したグローバル化、クラウド化、モバイル化の推進に留まらず、利益を創出するIT=“攻めのIT”として、全社の業務改革をリードしています。




■Position background
Fast Retailing Group is transforming itself into a "Digital Consumer Retail Company" that is beyond the framework of a conventional retailer, aiming to enrich people's lives by providing "LifeWear" to customers around the world. The Digital Business Transformation Services Department, being at the very core of achieving our goals by not only promoting globalization, cloud migration, and mobilization using the leading-edge technology, is the proactive IT itself.
We are looking for Security Infrastructure Engineers who will lead the renewal and maintenance of security infrastructure, which is a common infrastructure in internal systems such as Authorization & Authorization infrastructure / Device management infrastructure.

■About “Digital Business Transformation Services Department”
The mission of the Digital Business Transformation Services Department is to define the "ideal" form of business from the customer's perspective and to lead and realize business innovation using the latest IT technologies. In order to realize the "Ariake Project", in addition to EC and store systems, in-house development of enterprise systems is also being promoted at an accelerated pace. In addition to project managers, we have a wide range of professionals including in-house engineers, data scientists, and UI/UX designers.
Common infrastructure service team, to which security infrastructure engineers belong, provides an environment that can be used safely and comfortably for 120,000 employees globally, provides IT services that solve problems immediately, and translates the working styles of employees.

・Transform to ZERO TRUST model (migration to global standard Authentication / Authorization platform / Device management platform, behavior detection, etc.)
・ Improved convenience and security through transforming Authentication mechanism and Process
・ Maintenance of a globally standard Authentication and authorization platform

■Career development
The Digital Business Transformation Department has a variety of jobs, allowing you to expand your career depending on your ability, suitability and motivation. There are many opportunities for you to work not only in Japan but also in overseas offices.

応募資格 Qualifications


・TOEIC 700以上もしくは、業務で英語を使った会話・読み書きが可能

■Minimum qualifications
・Proven 3 years or more experience of infrastructure(Proposal / Development / Maintenance)

■Preferred qualifications(*Applicants must have at least one of the followings.)
・ Experience of Large-scale infrastructure(Development / Maintenance)
・ Experience of managing projects with many stakeholders
・ Experience of Authentication / Authorization related solutions (AzureAD / AD / ADFS / biometric authentication / IDM, etc.)
・ TOEIC 700 or above, or conversation / reading / writing using English for business
* Even if you do not have enough language skills, please apply if you are willing to improve your language skills in the next few years.

待遇 Work Condition



・年収レンジ:624-1,494万円 (月給:39-83万円)
・諸手当:通勤手当、時間外勤務手当 など (※すべて当社規程による)

フレキシブルタイム…6:00〜9:00および14:00〜20:00 時間外労働あり


週休2日 (土日休、祝日は勤務日にあたる) 年次有給休暇、特別・慶弔休暇、育児・介護休業制度など

社会保険 (健康保険、厚生年金、雇用保険、労災保険、介護保険)

社員持株制度、共済会制度、提携福利厚生プログラム、社員割引制度、カフェテリア、専用シャトルバス (有明オフィス通勤時)、確定拠出年金制度


・受動喫煙対策 :施設の敷地内又は屋内を原則禁煙とし、喫煙専用室等は設けていません。


■Employment Type
Regular Employees, The term is not fixed (Probation for three months)

■Annual Income
JPY 6.24 million – 14.94 million (Monthly Basic Salary: JPY 390,000 - 830,000)
・Allowance: Commuting allowance, Overtime allowance depending on the job grade
・Bonus: Biannual Bonus (April and October), Profit Sharing Bonus (to be determined whether to be paid and amounts based on the company's results and the individual performance evaluations)
・Biannual promotion (to be determined in accordance with performance evaluations)
*To be determined based on the previous year's income and experience

■Work Time
Flextime System or Discretionary Labor System for Professional Work
・Flextime System
Standard Working Hours…8 hours, Break…1 hour
Core Time…9:00-14:00
Flexible Time…6:00-9:00 and 14:00-20:00
・Discretionary Labor System for Professional Work
Depends on the decision of each employee (based on the working hours of the department)

■Holiday and Paid Leave
2 days per week (Saturdays and Sundays are holidays, but national holidays are working days), Special leave**, Paid leave, Congratulation and Condolence leave
**8 days of Special leave are given every 6 months in addition to paid leave.

Social Insurance (Healthcare Insurance, Employee Pension, Employment Insurance, Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance, and Nursing Care Insurance)

Employee Shareholder Association, Mutual Aid Association, 401K, Affiliated Welfare Program, Employee Discount, Cafeteria, Private Shuttle Bus (for commuting to Ariake Office)

・We are proactively recruiting new talent in each company such as FAST RETAILING, UNIQLO, GU and so on.
We would appreciate it if you would check the following and consider applying for our position.
- You are able to apply to multiple companies within FAST RETAILING Group at the same time. Please note that only one position at a time can be selected for the final round, even if the selection process proceeds at multiple companies.
- We might contact you to discuss other positions within FAST RETAILING Group based on your resume and evaluation at the interviews.

・Second-hand smoking measures
In principle, smoking is not permitted on the premises or indoors, and there are no smoking rooms.

勤務地 Location

有明本部:東京都江東区有明1丁目6-7 UNIQLO CITY
Ariake Office: UNIQLO CITY, 1-6-7 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan.