グローバルペイメント企画・ガバナンス強化担当 / Payment Planning & Governance

勤務地 有明本部:東京都江東区有明1丁目6-7 UNIQLO CITY
更新日 2023/03/01

職務内容 Job Description

*English follows Japanese



Recently, customers’ payment methods have been rapidly diversifying be it in Japan or globally. This department plays the role of a headquarters that manages payment functions globally, and also a role in expanding the modes of payment in response to the rapidly growing trend of going cashless in Japan. You will be responsible for the following tasks depending on your experience and aspirations.

■Job Description
・You will check whether the necessary modes of payment are sufficient and the costs incurred in countries outside of Japan are appropriate, You will manage them and be deeply involved in the countries to optimize them. As the global headquarters, you will be responsible for strengthening the governance. You will be required to have the knowledge, foresight, understanding of the trends and the ability to negotiate (including language skills) with local payment settlement companies. You will also be required to communicate closely with the CEO and CFO of UNIQLO in each country and contribute to the business profits.

・Based on your experience, select promising payment methods to establish a payment environment that satisfies the customers. As for the introduction of new payment methods, you will be required to coordinate with the relevant departments as the owner of the project and promote them with involvement of many people.

・In addition to being able to stably operate high volume of payments at UNIQLO every day, we require a management system that can provide customers with a safe payment environment. You will work together with the Customer Center to strengthen measures to remedy impropriety.

応募資格 Qualifications



ビジネスで活用できる英語力(目安 TOEIC700以上)。

■Work Experience (Required)
・Knowledge of payment in not only Japan but also outside of Japan, with at least 5 years work experience related to payment.
・Business-level of English proficiency (Guideline: TOEIC score of at least 700).

■Work Experience (Preferred)
・Going forward, we are planning to significantly strengthen our organization and expand our personnel. There are opportunities not only for experienced professionals (about 10 to 20 years of work experience), but also those who are highly motivated to grow (about 5 to 10 years of work experience) to succeed.
・Experience in managing overseas subsidiaries and/or local offices in a global company.

待遇 Work Condition









・受動喫煙対策 :施設の敷地内又は屋内を原則禁煙とし、喫煙専用室等は設けていません。

勤務地 Location

有明本部:東京都江東区有明1丁目6-7 UNIQLO CITY