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Career Opportunities at UNIQLO

Career Opportunities at UNIQLO

Unique Brand

UNIQLO is the flagship label of the FAST RETAILING group and has been changing the lives of people through clothing since it opened its doors in 1984. Delivering high-quality, affordable and innovative apparel and accessories, UNIQLO is Made for All. UNIQLO offers basic fashion components with universal appeal to empower individuals to express their own sense of style.

UNIQLO was also the first company in Japan to establish itself as an integrated specialty store retailer of private label apparel (SPA), overseeing all stages of the business to better control both quality and price.

UNIQLO scours the world for the best materials, securing a stable, high-volume supply of top-quality materials at low cost by negotiating directly with materials manufacturers. UNIQLO also harnesses technology to develop new products—such as our HEATTECH, Silky Dry and Ultra Light Down lines—to offer unprecedented function and comfort.

Unique Opportunities

With locations in over 15 countries and regions, UNIQLO is quickly becoming a household name worldwide. UNIQLO’s remarkable growth, innovation and focus on fostering business managers mean unrivaled opportunities for employees.

We are committed to nurturing employees into true business managers. For example, our unique UNIQLO Manager Candidate (UMC) positions for new graduates rapidly equip participants with the skills to run a business. Within a short time, many employees manage stores or supervise areas with millions of dollars in sales. At UNIQLO, personal growth, responsibility and achievement are limited only by effort and ability.

Our business model means that we can offer truly diverse experiences that span multiple locations, jobs and brands. We control every aspect of our business, from planning and production to distribution and sales. We take risks on people and position them in roles just outside their comfort zones. Employees at UNIQLO regularly rotate between divisions and roles. This enables them to rapidly gain a comprehensive understanding of the business and contribute as a business manager. In addition, unlike many companies that reserve international assignments for senior management, UNIQLO regularly and aggressively dispatches employees at all levels to work globally.



UNIQLO’s business is, and has always been, customer-driven, and customer-first. This is why we have grown to where we are today, and why we believe we will continue to grow even further in the future.

Products, stores, services, people, management. Everything we do – it all centers around the individual who wears the clothes.

Our clothes are worn by people across the world, creating much happiness, joy and satisfaction in wearing them. We believe this is a good thing, and therein lies our philosophy.

We are building a company of the future. If a good business can provide clothing for people across the world, its success can spawn a new industry, and if we can create a new industry, we can definitely become number one in the world.