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Internal Control

Last Updated: 2017.12.08
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Establishing Strong Internal Control Systems

The Company seeks to ensure its business operations are legitimate, fair and efficient by establishing a system of internal controls that covers the entire Fast Retailing Group (FR Group) and which adheres strictly to the Group's policies and rules, including the Group's management principles, the Fast Retailing Way (FR Way) and the Fast Retailing Group Code of Conduct (FR Code of Conduct).

1. Ensuring FR Group Directors' Duties Comply with Laws, Regulations and Articles of Incorporation

(1) Directors and Group officers (collectively, Directors) of all FR Group companies comply faithfully with the Group's management principles, the FR Way, the FR Code of Conduct, and other internal company rules and regulations, and promote strict adherence to corporate ethics and compliance across the Group as a whole. The Directors also ensure the effectiveness of the Company's rules and principles by reviewing them regularly and revising them when necessary to reflect changes in society and company business activities, and the operation of the FR Code of Conduct.

(2) The Company appoints either the Group officer overseeing the Legal Department or the head of the Legal Department as compliance officer, tasked with establishing Company and Group-wide compliance frameworks and resolving compliance-related issues.

(3) The Company promotes fairness and transparency in senior management decision-making by appointing two or more External Directors to the Board of Directors. Statutory Auditors for the Company or Group subsidiaries may attend the Board meetings of companies they audit and express timely opinions. Company or Group subsidiary Directors may engage external lawyers, certified public accountants, etc. to avoid potential violation of laws and implement preventive measures. If Company or Group subsidiary Directors discover another Director has acted illegally, they must report immediately to the Statutory Auditors, the President, and the compliance officer.

2. Ensuring FR Group Employees' Duties Comply with Laws, Regulations and Articles of Incorporation

(1) Company and Group subsidiary Directors are responsible for establishing a framework to ensure that all Group employees comply with the management principles, the FR Way, the FR Code of Conduct and other internal company rules. They are also responsible for training employees in compliance awareness.

(2) The Company has an Internal Audit Department that supervises the FR Group's internal control systems, and a Legal Department that oversees compliance.

(3) If Directors of the Company or Group subsidiaries discover a legal or compliance violation, they should report the matter immediately to other Directors. Any serious legal violation should be reported immediately to the Statutory Auditors, the President and the compliance officer.

(4) The Company has set up an internal reporting system (hotline) for Directors and employees of the Company or Group subsidiaries to report illegal actions or compliance violations.

(5) The Code of Conduct Committee, which includes external specialists such as lawyers, conducts regular reviews of compliance maintenance and the hotline operation, and makes necessary improvements. If Directors of the Company or Group subsidiaries detect a problem with the hotline operation, they should apply to the Code of Conduct Committee and request improvements.

3. Data Storage and Management Relating to Execution of FR Group Directors' Duties

The documents listed below relating to Company and Group subsidiary Directors' duties are retained as proof of decision-making and business-execution processes, as stipulated by law, Articles of Incorporation, and Rules of Board of Directors and Company regulations and guidelines on document management and confidential information. These documents are stored and managed appropriately and can be easily retrieved for reference or inspection during the legally required storage period.

  • ①Shareholders meeting minutes and relevant documentation
  • ②Board meeting minutes and relevant documentation
  • ③Minutes of important meetings held by Directors and relevant documentation
  • ④Minutes of other meetings held by important employees and relevant documentation

4. Managing Risk of Losses to FR Group

(1) The Company regularly analyzes risks relating to the Company and Group subsidiaries to identify risks that could, directly or indirectly, cause financial loss, interrupt or stop business, damage brand images or the credibility of the Company or FR Group, and manages any risks accordingly.

(2) If unforeseen circumstances should arise, a task force headed by the President or a Director appointed by the President shall be established to prevent increased losses and minimize damage. For a faster response, the task force may organize an external advisory team including lawyers and certified public accountants.

5. Ensuring Efficient Execution of Directors' Duties

(1) To ensure that the duties of Company and Group subsidiary Directors are performed efficiently, the Company holds regular monthly meetings of the Board of Directors, which includes a number of External Directors, and holds ad hoc meetings when necessary. Group subsidiaries which have their own Board of Directors also hold Board meetings as stipulated by law.

(2) Important matters concerning Company and Group management policy and management strategy shall be discussed beforehand at the weekly management meeting (Monday Meeting) chaired by the President, and decisions taken after due deliberation.

(3) The execution of decisions made by the Board of Directors shall be conducted efficiently and appropriately by the Group officers designated by the Board.

6. Ensuring Reliable FR Group Financial Reports

Systems have been established to ensure reliable financial reporting of Company and FR Group subsidiary activities, and the appropriate acquisition, holding and disposal of assets. These activities are closely monitored. The Company has also established a Disclosure Committee to ensure the Company and Group subsidiaries disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.

7. Ensuring Proper Execution of Corporate Groups Formed by Company and FR Group Subsidiaries

(1) To ensure appropriate operations of FR Group companies, all Group companies are required to uphold the management principles, the FR Way and the FR Code of Conduct. These principles also underpin the rules and regulations used when establishing entrusted individual Group companies. While respecting their autonomy, the Company oversees affiliated companies by determining their rules of business and requiring them to refer important items to the Company for consultation or final determination. The Company monitors affiliates if necessary. If Directors of Group subsidiaries discover any legal violations or serious compliance breaches, they should report them to the Statutory Auditors, the President and compliance officer.

(2) If Directors of Group subsidiaries consider the Company's management principles or guidelines violate the law, undermine corporate ethics in a specific country, or create a compliance problem, they shall report to the Internal Audit Department or the Legal Department. Those departments shall report swiftly to the Board of Statutory Auditors, the President and the compliance officer, and request appropriate improvements.

8. Employee Assistants Requested by Statutory Auditors, and ensuring Their Independence and Effectiveness of Statutory Auditors' Instruction Towards Employee Assistants

(1) Upon receiving a request from the Board of Statutory Auditors, the Company shall establish rules to determine which employees assist the Statutory Auditors with their duties, and assign appropriate internal personnel to the Statutory Auditors or employ external lawyers or certified public accountants. To ensure assistants are independent of the Directors, their performance will be evaluated by Statutory Auditors, and the Board of Statutory Auditors will approve decisions made by the Board of Directors on their assignment, dismissal, transfer and wages, etc.

(2) Assistants shall report directly to the Statutory Auditors and may not hold concurrent positions that involve the execution of Company's business.

9. Director and Employee Reporting to Statutory Auditors, and Other Reports

(1) Directors and employees of the Company and Group subsidiaries shall report any important matters that might impact the Company's operations or corporate performance to the Statutory Auditors. Irrespective of these rules, the Statutory Auditors may request reports from Directors or employees of the Company, or Directors, employees and Statutory Auditors of Group subsidiaries if necessary.

(2) The Company and Group subsidiaries shall uphold the Group's management principles, the FR Way and the FR Code of Conduct, and maintain frameworks for reporting legal violations or breaches of compliance rules to the Statutory Auditors. If the Statutory Auditors judge there is a problem with this framework, they can inform the Directors and the Board of Directors and request improvements.

(3) The Company has made it widely known to Directors and employees across the entire FR Group that using reports submitted to Statutory Auditors to penalize the submitter is forbidden. Submitted reports are protected by strict information management systems.

(4) Statutory Auditors communicate closely with the accounting auditor, the Internal Audit Department, and Statutory Auditors at Group companies through regular meetings and information exchange.

10. Policy on Prepayment or Reimbursement of Expenses for Statutory Auditors

If Statutory Auditors submit requests for prepayment or reimbursement of expenses incurred during the course of their duties, the Company shall pay invoices or settle debts swiftly, unless it proves the requested expenses or debt were not necessary to the performance of the Statutory Auditor's duties.

11. Other Matters Ensuring Efficient Audits by Statutory Auditors

(1) Statutory Auditors attend Board of Directors meetings and other important meetings to observe the reporting and discussion of significant issues. They may voice opinions if necessary.

(2) The President meets regularly with Statutory Auditors to consult on pressing issues, ensure appropriate auditing environments, and exchange views on significant issues highlighted in the auditing process.

12. Eliminating Anti-social Forces

The Company works to extinguish anti-social forces by incorporating the following content in the FR Code of Conduct, and informing all executives and employees of its uncompromising stance:

(1) The Company adopts a firm stand against and refuses to engage with anti-social forces. The Company forbids the use of financial payments to resolve unreasonable claims from anti-social forces.

(2) The Company forbids the use of anti-social forces for Company or individual gain.

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