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Code of Conduct

Last Updated: 2018.03.05
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CEO Message

Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President and CEO

We operate a global business based on a mission to deliver joy, happiness and the satisfaction of wearing our clothes to people all around the world. The Fast Retailing Group Code of Conduct represents our drive to realize the highest level of ethics in all of our work and business activities, which is one of the company's management principles. We will continue to pursue the highest level of ethics and to think and act as a good corporate citizen, thereby strengthening trustworthy relationships.

March 2018
Tadashi Yanai
Tadashi Yanai
Chairman, President and CEO

General Rules


The Fast Retailing Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as "CoC") is a written collection of basic rules that all company employees should observe and serves as a set of behavioral standards.


Points of concern regarding management and liabilities

Revisions and procedure

Code of Conduct Basic Principles

1.Customer satisfaction

We shall endeavor to provide customers with high-quality products and caring service that surpasses their expectations and earns their trust.

2.Respect for human rights

We shall respect the basic human rights of all people and shall not commit acts of discrimination or harassment that may undermine a person's dignity.

3.Legal compliance

We shall understand the customs of each country and region where we conduct business, comply with all applicable laws and regulations and conduct ourselves in a socially acceptable manner.

4.Fair relations with partners

We shall conduct fair transactions with all business partners and build equal, sincere, impartial and fair partnerships with them.

5.Appropriate disclosure of information

We shall conduct sound corporate management and disclose accurate and appropriate information to shareholders, investors and other stakeholders at the appropriate time.

6.Work environment

We shall not commit a wrongful act or act in bad faith at work and shall maintain a safe working environment.

7.Human resource development and fair evaluation

We shall develop all employees to enable them to fulfill their potential and we will be meritocratic in our evaluation of their work.

8. Appropriate information management

We shall respect the importance of personal and confidential information and will strictly manage it to prevent leaks and to avoid using information wrongfully or inappropriately.

9.Exclusion of antisocial groups

We shall not have any affiliation with antisocial forces or groups that pose a threat to the social order or to public security.

10.Protection of company property

We shall make proper use of tangible and intangible company property and protect it.

11.Environmental conservation and contribution to the community

We shall always consider our environment and shall be committed to preserving it so that the next generation can live a wholesome life.

12.Distinction between professional and personal lives

We shall separate our professional life as an employee of Fast Retailing Group from our personal life and always draw a line between them.

If we discover a violation of these basic principles, we shall immediately report to and consult with our superior or the in-house consulting service (Fast Retailing Group Hotline). Fast Retailing Group companies shall ensure the protection of privacy of a reporting or consulting individual. This individual shall not be subject to any adverse treatment as a result. However, this shall not apply to an individual who files a false report in bad faith or who files a report for any other illicit purpose.

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