Employee Interviews


  • Japan
  • Ishikawa
  • Theory
  • Area Manager
    (Current:Sales and Store Operations East Japan Block Manager)

When Ishikawa joined Link Theory Japan as a mid-career hire in 2004, she was amazed by the approach the company brought to human resources and the way that it treated its people.

When I joined Theory from another firm in the apparel industry, what most surprised me was the way that Theory treated its people. People were truly viewed as human resources—and treated as valuable resources. The future direction of staff and training was also based on a respect for the individual’s wishes. For example, employees meet with their supervisors for sit-down talks four times a year. An evaluation sheet is used to help support the growth of each staff member. I don’t mean just skills relating to sales techniques, store management or operations. It goes beyond that. These evaluation sheets are full of characteristic FAST RETAILING elements such as innovation, challenge and adopting the mindset of a business leader. If an employee is falling short in an area, the supervisor doesn’t just tell them to improve, but asks about the direction they want to go in and truly tries to draw out what is on the employee’s mind, then offering heartfelt advice and genuine support. FAST RETAILING is home to a robust corporate culture of employee support.




Employee Interviews