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Fast Retailing is always fast!


Dnyandip Kulkarni



Information Security Office

Global Leader, Information Security Office

Joined in Nov 2015 as an in-charge for Japan and Asia to drive the information security management strategy and soon took over as global leader to implement secure practices globally. After spending 15 years in Information Security, Dnyandip acquired good experience in technology and governance of information security and found great opportunity to utilize his experience in Fast Retailing, where company was on the verge of building the foundational security.
For Dnyandip, there were no boundaries to expand his horizon and it was up to his individual capacity to improve the security. Dnyandip was involved in setting up the Information Security Organization for Fast Retailing starting from building the strategy, establishing the roadmap and initiating with building the global security team. Dnyandip is happy to see the progress in last 3 years and say that maturity of security in Fast Retailing has been improved and continuing to improve further.
Dnyandip feels very fortunate for getting this opportunity to build the team and drive the roadmap which helped to establish foundational security controls and protecting the organization from security threats and vulnerabilities.
Having said, Dnyandip feels, this is just beginning, and continuous improvements are necessary to achieve next level. Dnyandip have mission to make Fast Retailing a secure organization which can be trusted by customers, employees and suppliers! To achieve this, Dnyandip built the plan and initiated with support from current small global team but considering the growth and expansion of organization, feels the need of talented, passionate and motivated team players who can became global leaders!

Fast Retailing is always fast!

Innovation is trend in Fast Retailing. Utilizing the creative ideas to produce new clothing experience for customer is continuous need and everyone in FR is driving towards that objective. This gives opportunities for FR employees to convert their ideas into reality rather than just dreaming them. FR environment is quite flexible where you try, test your ideas and implement. Management is always with you with necessary support.
Becoming the No. 1 global retailer is in the reach and FR is taking all the necessary initiatives which will not only help FR as organization but also help and individual to grow. FR continuously encourage the employees to set big goals with high standards and take steps to achieve. FR promote everyone to act as leader while taking on the company mission.

Information Security is one of the top agenda of FR!

New ways of producing the best clothing experience, is only feasible with innovation and digitalization, with the use of Information from different sources. Establishing the Information Security is realized as critical success factor and put as one of the top agenda! This agenda can be only achieved if we have security professionals who understand the security and help in implementing for the organization.
Dnyandip feels that FR is in the process of building the best in class security organization and your participation will help to achieve company goals which will surely help to achieve your personal and professional goals.
Following are some of the examples which will help you grow personally and professionally while getting full support from the FR.

• First and foremost, you will be working with global team and get opportunities to be a true global leader!
• Being Tokyo as headquarters, you will be exposed to Japanese culture and practices of quality work with accuracy.
• You will get necessary trainings and part of educational programs to expand your specialties.
• You will be part of team who will implementing the best security culture while educating users with interesting and innovating ideas.
• You will work on the cutting-edge tools and technologies which will give upper hand in the global market. • Finally, and importantly you will get a recognition of working for world’s No.1 leading retail organization!

Dnyandip is part of growing organization and confident that your participation in FR Information Security activities will expand your horizons and give you a great chance to achieve your personal goals!
Wishing you a success for your future and look forward to being part of your success @ Fast Retailing!

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