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Last Updated: 2017.02.28
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Sustainability Statement: Making the World a Better Place

At Fast Retailing, we are committed to enriching people's lives through great clothing and our corporate activities are always focused on growth and development in unity with society. This means sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our business, deeply anchored in our corporate values to ensure our commitments go far beyond traditional compliance.

We have structured our sustainability policies into four pillars which we identified as the key accountability areas for our business to be more sustainable. These four pillars incorporate both environmental and social considerations as well as cutting-edge innovations, and they help us to stay focused on growing our business in the most transparent, sustainable way. They are:

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Transparency and sustainability - from teams across various business units at Fast Retailing, to our suppliers and their suppliers, to service providers and contractors - is a central focus of our supply chain. Throughout our global operations we consider our environmental footprint in areas such as emissions, chemicals and water management, and our social impact in areas such as labor conditions and human rights. We've invested years to building strong and continuous relationships within our supply chains and this allows us to achieve the world's highest clothing standards.

More Information :
PDF Responsible Supply Chain Management (159KB)

- Environmental Responsibility Policy
- Social Responsibility Policy

Responsible Products

We offer the most innovative products of the greatest quality. Identifying and using more sustainable fibers and materials is a cornerstone of our approach. But our commitment goes beyond materials, so that we consider every aspect of our product from design to end of life. Our products are designed according to some of the strictest industry principles because our view of sustainability includes quality, safety and most of all, longevity. We embrace product functionality and innovation through our R&D, and endeavor to share the unique sustainability stories behind these products with our customers.

More Information :
PDF Responsible Products (385KB)

- Responsible Product Policy

Responsible Stores and Stronger Communities

Stores where customers can enjoy our products and the communities in which these stores are built are the heart and soul of our company. We aim to continuously explore design and building concepts that are more sustainable and resource-efficient. We engage our customers in our sustainability-related activities and strive to enrich their lives. Living up to our commitment towards a better world, we contribute to the sustainable growth and the social development of communities all across our operations.

More Information :
PDF Responsible Stores and Stronger Communities (149KB)

- Store Design & Operations Policy
- Community Relations Policy

Responsibility towards our Employees

Everything we achieve is made possible because of our employees. Their drive, their ideas and their passion for our customers and products play an essential role in achieving our sustainability ambitions and in upholding our high ethical standards. We believe that diversity, equal opportunity and promoting both personal and professional growth result in safe and comfortable workplaces where incredible things are achieved. Going forward, all our employees will receive information and training on sustainability topics relevant to their functions. This way, we can leverage our people's ideas to continue guiding and shaping the growth of our business.

More Information :
PDF Responsibility towards our Employees (145KB)

- Employee Engagement policy

No company can tackle the problems of the world alone. We form dedicated partnerships and collaborate with different stakeholders who share our vision and values - from research institutions to non-profit-organizations, industry associations and even our peers in the industry. We're engaged with relevant multi-stakeholder initiatives on a global, national or local level. We believe in the value of transparency and form long-term and trusted partnerships today, so that we can be a part of developing the sustainability solutions of tomorrow. This is Sustainability at Fast Retailing.

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