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Messages of the People in Charge: Hiring of People with Disabilities

Last Updated: 2017.05.30
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UNIQLO Singapore Business Initiatives

We believe in the power of clothing and our mission is to grow our business in unity with society. Every UNIQLO store worldwide employs talented and skilled people from all walks of life. These people provide value to customers and society every day.
In fact, as Goto explains: “We have a worldwide goal to hire the equivalent of at least one person with disabilities per store. The company's ambition is strong as is the store's commitment to the goal. There is a signifi cant percentage of the population here in Singapore with special needs. By committing to make our workplace more diverse, we can maximize hiring opportunities and be a role model to other companies.”
UNIQLO Singapore has been a pioneer in the ASEAN region for employing people with disabilities and is now working to raise standards across the industry. In partnership with SG Enable, an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities, UNIQLO Singapore gives more people with disabilities the opportunity to work in the retail industry.
We have also been making rapid progress in other countries.
“Our programs were created to support people with disabilities in Singapore. But once we identify best practice we try to expand elsewhere,” Goto adds.
In Japan, UNIQLO is one of the top employers of people with disabilities. This is one of the ways we can help to create a more diverse society.
Goto concludes: “We knew it was our responsibility to create engagement between people with special needs, our staff and our customers. I think this is not limited to satisfaction in my work, but in my life too. I can feel the potential that our business has to create positive change now.”
By respecting individuals and creating a diverse and inclusive working environment, we can play our role in giving people - no matter who they are - the opportunity to take pride in their work.

Masaki Goto

Masaki Goto
Store Operations and
Sustainability Manager
Fast Retailing Singapore

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