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Customer Satisfaction

Last Updated: 2017.05.30
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The Customer Perspective

Fast Retailing handles all issues related to its business from the perspective of its customers, including its sales operations, organizational systems and management plans. Its Customer Center immediately shares comments from customers with its stores and Production and R&D Departments.

The Customer Center


Fast Retailing engages with customers in a range of ways--through our stores, on-line, and through our community initiatives. To stay on top of the customers' changing needs, UNIQLO and GU also have customer service centers that relay customer feedback to the relevant stores and departments, usually by the end of the next business day. Located in Japan, South Korea, China, and other countries where Fast Retailing sells its products, these centers work with store supervisors to provide responses and take action whenever necessary. Complaints are an especially valuable form of feedback. Their details are promptly shared with relevant departments on a global level, and their root causes and solutions are identified to prevent recurrence. Fast Retailing also surveys online customers to get their feedback on products used after purchase, with the goal of developing future products from the customer's perspective.

In 2014, Fast Retailing completed the training of customer service operators in IT, to meet growing customer mobile device service needs. Fast Retailing also hosted 10 service quality training sessions across six months to reinforce operator education. Taught by veteran employees, they supplemented the standard on-the-job-training, to improve customer service.

Since 2015, Fast Retailing has been conducting an online survey of in-store customers. The questionnaire asks levels of satisfaction with various services at the store and time of purchase.

Number of Comments Received from Customers (Japan)

  • Fiscal 2012 85,335
  • Fiscal 2013 95,911
  • Fiscal 2014 106,343
  • Fiscal 2015 273,400
  • Fiscal 2016 390,890

Customer Center Feedback (Japan)

(by telephone, email, post, or feedback forms distributed at stores)

Customer Center Feedback (Japan)

Customer Feedback

(via the Customer Satisfaction website and in-store surveys; by country and region)

Customer Center Feedback stores

Theory Japan established a Customer Center and responds to customer feedback in a sincere manner. The Customer Center puts top priority on offering the same levels of hospitality and service that the stores offer. It categorizes customer comments by brand, the nature of the issue and other factors. Theory then shares these comments with its departments and the heads of its design, development and sales departments at meetings, so it can immediately make any improvements that may be needed. We have built a system that enhances informational provision company-wide by rapidly communicating the customer feedback received at stores to store managers, area managers, and the person responsible for each brand.

Fiscal 2016 Customer Center Feedback (Japan, by brand)

Fiscal 2015 Customer Center Feedback (Japan, by brand)

Theory in the U.S., Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princesse tam.tam in France and other Group brands that are based outside Japan are establishing local customer centers.

Service Manager Program

Fast Retailing has adopted a service manager program to further enhance the customer experience at UNIQLO stores in Japan. Ranked alongside general store managers, service managers are dedicated service professionals, tasked with maintaining service quality standards at multiple stores.

The position of service manager was created with a focus on metropolitan areas in 2014, which was the year we began our public search for store employees. Their role is currently growing throughout Japan.

Three Promises to Our Customers

UNIQLO Japan upholds "Three Promises" to its customers. The staff review them together every day to ensure that the company maintains an on-site, customers-first approach in everything it does.

UNIQLO will always:
1) Keep the sales floor clean
2) Keep advertised items in stock
3) Accept returns and exchanges within three months of purchase*

*Return policy for Japan. Policy outside Japan varies by country.

A Comfortable Store Shopping Experience

UNIQLO stores use simple, white-toned interiors and product displays designed to highlight the inherent quality of the products. The intention is to create stores that are easy to navigate and make finding one's desired products fast and simple.

The store experience is made convenient and comfortable in various other ways, depending on the store. These include installing restrooms, securing ample space in the shopping aisles and parking lot, adopting step-less floor plans, and displaying "service animals welcome" signs for customers with disabilities and for raising customer awareness.

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