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For Our Customers

Last Updated: 2017.05.30
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Fast Retailing handles all issues related to its business from the perspective of its customers. It applies this approach to every aspect of its sales-related operations, including its products, sales floors, services and communication methods. It also develops all of its management systems and plans based on this customer perspective.

Customer Satisfaction


Fast Retailing is building frameworks that promote product development and that upgrade service levels by enabling the customers' suggestions to be shared beyond international and interdivisional borders.

UNIQLO's Product and
Safety Control System

Indonesia plant

Fast Retailing incorporates the strictest standards in its global quality and safety standards. We are working in cooperation with our partner factories to accelerate comprehensive establishment of these standards.

Voluntary Product Recalls

Fast Retailing has a system under which it can identify the factories that make each of its products, so it can immediately respond if there are problems with some items. In the unlikely event that problems are discovered, it uses this system to quickly identify the reasons for such issues, so it can share information in a timely manner.

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