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Production Initiatives that Reflect Sustainability Perspectives

Last Updated: 2017.05.30
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Establishment of Sound Workplace Systems through Cooperation with Business Partners

The Fast Retailing Group's production organization is characterized by its practice of limiting business partnerships only to those suppliers that share Fast Retailing's quality objectives. Production offices in Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Dhaka, Jakarta, Istanbul and Bangalore have some 450 employees who work with partner factories on production quality and process management. The many sustainability initiatives include weekly visits by the Production employees to their assigned factories. The Production employees personally look at the workplaces, provide instruction and find solutions in cooperation with the partner factories.

Stationing of Teams at Production Offices

Fast Retailing has established Supply Chain Sustainability teams in the Sustainability departments at the Tokyo head office and production offices. The teams' core task is to upgrade the partner factories' workplace environments and environmental measures. The Production offices' designated Sustainability teams coordinate their efforts with those of the Production department. They visit business partners when necessary, providing advice on reforms on site should they identify problems.

Establishment of Practical Training Seminars for the Production Department


Fulfilling our social responsibility with partner factories requires that the Production department, which communicates closely with partner factories, works with the Supply Chain Sustainability team to ensure proper working conditions as a part of its daily operations. In specific terms, Fast Retailing's Sustainability sourcing team holds regular training for Production department employees. Trainees study topics they can apply to their work, including Fast Retailing's initiatives, industry-wide challenges, and Sustainability practices in manufacturing.

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