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For Our Business Partners

Last Updated: 2017.05.30
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People who make clothes in factories must be safe, where their legal rights are respected and their human rights upheld. Through strong partnerships with our supplier factories, we strive to make this a reality for all the people who make great clothing possible.

Standardized Clothing
Production Processes


Fast Retailing uses standardized production processes and works with trustworthy partner factories that ensure safe, comfortable environments.

Promotion of Sustainability
in the Supply Chain


Fast Retailing is working to improve the abilities of its partner factories to govern themselves on the basis of the Code of Conduct for Production Partners and other guidelines.

Workplace Monitoring

Workplace Monitoring

Fast Retailing and its partner factories are working to maintain safe, comfortable workplace environments, raise the productivity of the factory's management and raise quality through workplace monitoring.

Production Initiatives that Reflect
Sustainability Perspectives


The Sustainability department is working with the Production department, which regularly visits the partner factories, to establish safe, comfortable workplace environments in all phases of production.

Safety Initiatives in Bangladesh

Safety Initiatives in Bangladesh

Fast Retailing has strengthened initiatives to ensure fire and building safety at its partner factories.

A Project that Empowers
Female Factory Workers

Fast Retailing is expanding the Factory Worker Empowerment Project.

Factory Worker Empowerment Project

Fair, Equal Partnerships


Fast Retailing builds fair partnerships by sharing guidelines and conducting questionnaires.

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