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Last Updated: 2018.03.02
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Company Introduction

Fast Retailing USA, Inc.

Established: November 22, 2004
Location: New York, USA
Line of Business: Retail of UNIQLO casual brand clothing in the USA
Number of Stores: 45 stores (As of February 28, 2018)
100% consolidated subsidiary

UNIQLO opened its first global flagship store in the U.S., the New York Soho Store, in November 2006. In October 2011, UNIQLO then opened a second global flagship store, the New York Fifth Avenue Store, along with the New York 34th Street megastore. With their popularity rising every year, these three prominent New York stores are now generating consistent double-digit sales growth.
UNIQLO has expanded its presence in the United States from New York, to New Jersey and Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia,and San Francisco and Los Angeles on the West Coast, bringing the network to 42 stores at the end of August 2015.

Latest Update

UNIQLO Reopens Soho Flagship Store, September 2 (2016.09.01)

UNIQLO Launches "A New Tokyo in Soho" on September 2
― Original Soho Store Renews Engagement with one of New York's Most Vibrant
Local Communities (2016.08.09)

UNIQLO to Open Its First Store in the Southeast U.S.A. at Disney Springs, Florida,
on July 15 (2016.06.27)

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