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CSR Questionnaire

Last Updated: 2010.03.05
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Every day, FAST RETAILING receives comments and opinions from a whole variety of stakeholders including our customers, business partners, shareholders, investors, the media, students, NPOs and NGOs, etc. We share all of these views throughout the company and, where necessary, instigate further investigation within related segments to ensure a continued consideration of the types of social contributions we can and should be making.

Views from Stakeholders

While we cannot incorporate every opinion, we are committed to doing whatever is possible based on our CSR vision to help make the world a better place.

Improvements fueled by comments from the public

Example 1
Please accept the donation of clothing for your recycling campaign throughout the year.

As we have received a number of requests from customers, now we accept used UNIQLO products at UNIQLO stores throughout the year since March 2010.

Environmental Protection Activities

Example 2
What is UNIQLO doing as a clothes company in terms of aid for victims of natural disaster?

We provide clothing aid to areas affected by natural disaster according to local needs. What we offer is only a small contribution but we are determined to continue to expand and develop our CSR activities.
Disaster Relief

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